Vegan Elites

Vegan elite celebrities poster

Chris Delforce, Director of the Award-winning Documentary “Dominion”
Kip Andersen, The Daring Filmmaker, Founder of A.U.M. Film and Media
Persia White, Actress, and aniaml rights activist
Lorenzo Hanna, CEO of Dancehall Funk Worldwide
Tabitha Brown, Actress and vegan influencer
Ho Quynh Huong, Aulacese (Vietnamese) Superstar
Joy Valencia, Musician, producer
Sadaf Mohammed Sayed, Indian actress
Victoria Featherstone Pearce, Award-winning model, actress, TV host, aniaml rights activist
Fiorella Migliore, Paraguayan model, beauty queen, actress, television presenter and vegan activist
Marc Pierschel, Filmmaker, An Altruistic Spirit for Animals, Humans and the Planet
Barbara Laura Rodriguez Bonilla, Supermodel
Maga Ettori, Award-winning French cineaste
Setareh Khatibi, Actress, writer, host
Mayim Bialik, Television actress, author, neuro scientist
Keegan Kuhn, Award-winning filmmaker and acclaimed musician
Abby Lodmer, American comedian and vegan health educator
James Francis Cameron, Three-time Academy Award winning filmmaker
Jane Velez-Mitchell, Renowned television host and journalist
Joaquin Phoenix, Actor, producer, music video director, musician, and a passionate activist for animals
Maggie Q, Actress, animal rights activist
Bryan Adams, Legendary Rock Star

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Vegan elite chefs poster

Chef Miyoko Schinner, “Queen of Vegan Cheese”
Chef Day Radley, Founder and director of The Vegan Chef School
Chef Tal Ronnen, Author of cookbook, co-founder of vegan food brand Kite Hill
Chef Sebastien Kardinal, Chef, food critic, author of vegan cookbooks
Julieanna Hever, Registered dietitian, author
Benjamin Timmler, Author of cookbook “Grun Kelchen”
Jean-Christian Jury, An Internationally Acclaimed Vegan Chef
Rodolphe Landemaine, Baker & Pastry Chef
Chef AJ, Host of the television series Healthy Living with CHEF AJ
Omari McQueen UK’s Youngest Multi-Award Winning Vegan Chef
Chef Doug McNish, Author of several cookbooks
Romy London-UK Vegan Blogger
Chloe Coscarelli, Award-winning chef and best-selling cookbook author
Sarno Brothers, Created Wicked Health Mission
Grace Wong, Author of cookbook “simply Vegan Simply Grace”
Fry Family, Awarded the Best Vegan “Meat” award at the annual Veg Festival UK awards

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Vegan elite game changers poster

Honorable Emma Hurst, Member of the Australian state of New South Wales’ Legislative Council
Ori Shavit, Journalist respected food critic
Ruby Roth, Author and illustrator of vegan books for kids
Kristie Middleton, Author of “Meatless”, Vice President of Business Development at Rebellyous Foods
Tal Gilboa, Animal-Rights Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel
Selene Nelson, Author, freelance journalist
Linda Middlesworth, PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Over 50”
Ocean Robbins, The Food Revolution for A New World
Craign Goldblatt, Public speaker, motivational coach
Stella McCartney, The Pioneer and Leader of Sustainable Fashion
Prince Khaled of Saudi Arabia, Vegan entrepreneur
Katrina Fox, Author of “Vegan venture: Start and Grow an Ethical Business”
Jo-Anne McArthur, Photographer, Shining World Compassion Award recipient
Tracye McQuirter, Author & Co-founder of
Mandini Gulati, Author and Mind, Body, Health Coach
James Aspey, Animal rights activist and speaker from Australian
Sica Schmitz, Fashion Activist
Dr.Will Tuttle, Composer, inspirational speaker, pianist, Dharma Master in the Zen tradition
Philip Wollen, The Venture Capitalist for Noble Causes
Earthling Ed, Champion of the Vegan Movement: for the Animals, Humans, and the Planet
His Excellency Mr.Laurent Lamothe, Former Prime Minister in Haiti

Be Vegan now and join the club.
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Vegan elite physicians poster

Doctor Angie Sadeghi, Gastroenterologist
Doctor Harriet Davis, Family and sports medicine
Doctor Kim A. Williams, Cardiologist
Doctor Jaimela Dulaney, Cardiologist
Doctor Pamela A. Popper, Founder and President of Wellness Forum Health
Doctor Robert Ostfeld, Cardiologist
Doctor Michelle McMacken, Internal medicine physician
Doctor Mauricio Gonzalez, Internal medicine physician
Doctor Benjamin Benulis, Physcian, chiropractor
Doctor Garth Davis, Surgeon
Doctor Joel Kahn, Cardiologist, 2016 “Sexiest Vegan over 50”
Doctor Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Physcian, Author
Doctor Alex Singer, Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Doctor Adeleh Yarmohammadi, Ophthalmologist
Doctor John A. McDougall, Physcian, Author
Doctor Brooke Goldner, Psychiatrist
Doctor Danielle Belardo, Cardiologist
Doctor Neal Barnard, Founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Doctor Michael Klaper, Physcian, Speaker, Educator

Be Vegan now and join the club.
And the list goes on. please visit Supreme Master TV Veg for further club list and info

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