About Us

Loving Hut was created with a vision that all beings could live in peace, love and harmony with each other and the planet. Loving Hut chain restaurants are newly opening around the world. It is an invitation to gourmet cuisine made with wholesome vegan ingredients, offering an accessible starting point for those making the noble transition to a plant-based diet.

Loving Hut is currently the fastest growing International vegan fast food chain in the world with branches in Milpitas, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Internationally, branches are currently open in Formosa (Taiwan), Au Lac (Vietnam), Singapore, Indonesia, Tokyo and Hong Kong. More branches will be opening in various locations all around the world in the coming months.

Our Vision

Loving Hut is a beacon of light for an alternative way of living to achieve World Vegan, World Peace. While striving to make Our Vision a reality, we continually focus on improving our Core Values.

Our Core Values

HEALTHY: Serve delicious 100% plant-based meals using only natural and healthy ingredients.
COMPASSION: Honor all lives to live in peace & harmony together.
GREEN: Respect & protect Mother Earth through sustainable practices including by being vegan.
SERVICE: Treat each customer as a VIP, a friend and a partner.
HAPPINESS: Provide joyful experiences for customers, employees, friends, and families.
LOYALTY: Make Loving Hut a destination of choice for all.

Menu & Hours

Each Loving Hut has a different menu & different hours. Please contact your local Loving Hut for more information.

Our Services

  • Take Out & Dining
  • Delivery
  • Order Online
  • Buffet
  • Frozen & Dried Foods Sales
  • Catering

(Not all Loving Huts provide the same services. Please call your local Loving Hut for more details)

Q: Why are the menus different at every Loving Hut?

A: Every city is unique and thus we believe in giving our Loving Huts’ chefs the freedom to create great local dishes and entrees. We want to bring out the best of all cultures and show that vegan dishes are not only healthy but great tasting too.

Q: What are the hours different at each Loving Hut?

A: Each Loving Hut has unique situations & customer traffic times, so they have the freedom to make hours that works best for them & their community.

Q: Why are there Loving Huts that is Fast Food or Full Service Dining?

A: There are locations that serves Fast Food, Casual Counter Service or Full Service Dining. We give the freedom to the operators to choose the best service that fits their team, environment, restaurant, and community.

Q: How is your food so affordable?

A: The vegan diet is great for environment, health and shows compassion for all lives. Unfortunately, healthy choices by itself is not good enough. We recognized that the food must also be affordable for it to be everyone’s food of choice.

Q: How is Supreme Master Ching Hai involved?

A: Supreme Master Ching Hai is the innovator for Loving Hut vegan concept. She wants to help the world with a more compassionate and noble way of living by providing easy access to great vegan food all over the world.

Q: Where is your nutritional information?

A: At this time, we do not have nutritional information since each & every Loving Hut has a unique & different menu. We are in the process of finding ways to provide more nutritional information.

Q: How do I start my own Loving Hut?

A: Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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