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  • Ingredients: Carrots, taro, tofu, cabbage and soy protein wrapped in wheat flour
  • Ingredients: Tofu, jicama, mint, green lettuce, bean sprouts and carrots wrapped in rice paper
  • Ingredients: Soy protein, tofu and onions wrapped in wheat flour
  • Ingredients: Vegan soy drumsticks
  • Ingredients: Carrots, taro, tofu, cabbage and soy protein wrapped in wheat flour and battered in panko
  • Ingredients: Crispy battered tofu
  • Ingredients: Our appetizer sampler plate includes golden rolls, golden wontons, golden soy nuggets and cha cha
  • Ingredients: French fries with our basil seasoning
  • Ingredients: Vegan sea filets served with a creamy sauce


  • Ingredients: Steamed wontons, bok choy, carrots and celery in a veg broth with fried scallions, green onions and cilantro
  • Ingredients: Tofu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and carrots in a spicy sour broth
  • Ingredients: Seaweed, tofu, carrots and peas in a miso broth
  • Ingredients: Shredded cabbage, tofu, carrots, mint and peanuts tossed in a tangy plum dressing
  • Ingredients: Lettuce, cucumbers, bellpeppers, celery, onions, fresh tofu and vegetable protein in a vinaigrette dressing
  • Ingredients: Lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, bellpeppers, fresh tofu, basil, onions and sesame seeds in a vinaigrette dressing


  • Ingredients: Our special fried rice with tofu, soy protein, carrots, peas, cabbage and green onions
  • Ingredients: Curry fried rice with tofu, soy protein, carrots, peas and cabbage
  • Ingredients: Rice fried with lemongrass, chilies, basil, tofu, soy protein, carrots, peas and cabbage
  • Ingredients: Rice fried with tofu, soy protein, pineapples, carrots, peas and cabbage
  • Ingredients: Fried rice in a claypot topped with mushrooms, tofu, rice noodles, ginger and green onions


  • Ingredients: Traditional noodle soup with rice noodles, tofu, soy and wheat protein, cilantro and onions served with basil and bean sprouts
  • Ingredients: Rice noodles, tofu, shitake mushrooms, soy protein in a paprika vegetable stock with mint and cabbage
  • Ingredients: Wheat noodles stir fried with cabbage, carrots, celery, baby corn, bean sprouts, tofu and green onions
  • Ingredients: Wide flat rice noodles sauteed with cabbage, carrots, bok choy, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, baby corn, celery, tofu and green onions
  • Ingredients: Rice vermicelli noodles, BBQ wheat protein, golden rolls, lettuce, mint, cucumber and peanuts
  • Ingredients: Rice noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, tofu, mushrooms, onions, peanuts and chilies
  • Ingredients: Crispy wheat noodles covered with mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, celery, baby corm, bok choy, bamboo shoots, tofu and soy protein
  • Ingredients: Wheat noodles tossed in a rich garlic vegan butter sauce


  • Ingredients: Soy protein glazed in a sweet caramelized sauce (or a garlic vegan butter sauce)
  • Ingredients: Battered soy protein sauteed in a sweet tangy orange sauce
  • Ingredients: Soy protein sauteed with lemongrass, chilies and onions
  • Ingredients: Potatoes, carrots, onions, bell peppers and soy protein in a coconut milk curry
  • Ingredients: Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, baby corn, broccoli, carrots, snow peas, veg protein and soy protein on a sizzling iron plate
  • Ingredients: Battered soy protein sauteed in our house sauce covered in sesame seeds
  • Ingredients: Battered soy protein, pineapple, bell peppers and onions in a sweet and sour sauce
  • Ingredients: Battered soy protein with broccoli in our house sauce
  • Ingredients: Soy protein drumsticks in a sweet caramelized sauce


  • Ingredients: Fried panko battered vegetable protein with bell peppers, garlic and onions
  • Ingredients: Crispy soy protein wrapped in seaweed sauteed in our special sauce with bell peppers, onions and ginger
  • Ingredients: Tofu and soy protein (or eggplant) in our house sauce sprinkled with black peppers, onions and cilantro


  • Ingredients: Soy protein nuggets fried in a golden garlic sauce, served over a bed of lettuce with an onion vinegar dip
  • Ingredients: Wheat protein sauteed with bell peppers and onions
  • Ingredients: Wheat protein with steamed broccoli and carrots in an onion garlic sauce
  • Ingredients: Our vegan burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. Served with French fries
  • Ingredients: Wheat protein nuggets fried in a spicy seasoning
  • Ingredients: Wheat protein, avocado, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla


  • Ingredients: Eggplant and tofu sauteed in a Thai basil sauce
  • Ingredients: Eggplant and tofu in a coconut milk curry with lemongrass, onions and garlic
  • Ingredients: Fried tofu sauteed in a lemongrass chili sauce with bell peppers, garlic and onions
  • Ingredients: Tofu, cabbage, carrots, broccoli and snow peas stir fried and topped with cashews
  • Ingredients: Shitake, button, and straw mushrooms and bok choy
  • Ingredients: Tofu sauteed in a spicy soy bean sauce
  • Ingredients: Crispy battered tofu cubes with bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, garlic, salt and pepper
  • Ingredients: Fried tofu, mushrooms, bok choy, carrots, bamboo shoots, snow peas, baby corn and Chinese dates (jujube) stir fried with rice noodles
  • Ingredients: Tofu, zucchini, carrots, baby corn, celery and cashews sauteed in our house sauce
  • Ingredients: Tofu, zucchini, celery, peanuts, bell peppers and onions sauteed in a spicy kung pao sauce
  • Ingredients: Eggplant sauteed in a spicy soy bean sauce
  • Ingredients: Battered tofu and tangy sauce on a hot sizzling plate




  • Ingredients: Strawberry / Banana / Mango / Avocado / Combo
  • Ingredients: Cup/Pot (Individual) Pot (party of 2 or more)
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