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  • item  Spring Rolls
    Ingredients: Lettuce, mint, rice noodles, tofu, soy protein, wrapped inside rice paper, served with peanut sauce.
  • item  Summer Rolls
    Ingredients: Jicama, lettuce, yam, taro & mint wrapped inside rice paper, served with a tangy lime soy sauce.
  • item  Lucky Drumsticks
    Ingredients: Crispy soy & gluten drumsticks served with house dipping sauce.
  • item  B.B.Q. Skewer (steak | chop | mix)
    Ingredients: Marinated wheat protein served with house dipping sauce. Your choice of steak, chop or mixed protein.
  • item  Jumping Princess (4 pcs)
    Ingredients: 4 pieces. Crispy sea nugget served with special house dipping sauce.
  • item  Dumplings (8 pcs)
    Ingredients: 8 pieces. Wheat flour, soy protein, onion, bean curd, leek, veggie, cabbage, garlic, served with soy sauce & sesame oil.
  • item  Mushroom Revolution (8 pcs)
    Ingredients: Deep-fried organic oyster mushrooms served with sweet chili sauce
  • item  Golden Rolls
    Ingredients: Jicama, carrots, rice noodles, laro & mung bean inside gluten crispy rolls, served with a chili sweet & sour sauce.
  • item  Golden Tofu
    Ingredients: Crispy golden tofu, served with house dipping sauce.
  • item  Veggie Tempura
    Ingredients: Crispy cauliflowers, broccolis & mushrooms, served with a chili sweet and sour sauce.
  • item  Harmony Tofu
    Ingredients: Crispy tofu served with lime, pepper & salt
  • item  Golden Nuggets
    Ingredients: Crispy soy protein coated with flour mixtures served with house dipping sauce.
  • item  Supreme Sushi
    Ingredients: Seaweed, rice, cucumber, carrot, tofu, vegan ham & avocado. Optional: convert to brown rice.

  • item  Hot & Sour Soup
    $8.90 - $16.98
    Ingredients: Bamboo shoot, mushroom, tofu, black fungus, carrots, bell pepper, napa cabbage & cilantro.
  • item  Pumpkin Soup
    $8.50 - $15.98
    Ingredients: Blended pumpkin, tofu, potatoes, veggie broth & coconut milk
  • item  Wonton Soup
    $8.90 - $16.98
    Ingredients: Carrots, snow pea, soy protein, cilantro, mixing in veggie broth.
  • item  Tom Yum Soup
    $8.90 - $16.98
    Ingredients: Tofu, cauliflower, baby bok choy, broccoli, napa cabbage, sea nugget, vegan ham in a home-made tangy Thai broth.
  • item  Vegetable Soup
    $8.20 - $15.50
    Ingredients: Bok choy, carrots, broccoli, mushroom and tofu in a light home-made veggie broth.

  • item  Charming Salad
    Ingredients: Shredded soy protein tossed with tiger mint, crispy cabbage, purple cabbage & roasted peanuts in a tangy vinegar sauce.
  • item  Crispy Nugget Salad
    Ingredients: Fried soy protein, lettuce, tomato, cucumber served with a special home-made sauce.
  • item  Loving Hut Salad
    Ingredients: Organic mixed green, tomato, avocado & almond slices in a home-made poppy seed salad dressing.
  • item  Celestial Salad
    Ingredients: Organic mixed green, onion, tofu, avocado, Gardcin chick'n in a poppy seed salad dressing.

  • item  Fabulous Pho
    Ingredients: Rice noodles, tofu, mushrooms, soy protein, onions in a savory broth. Served with fresh lime, bean sprouts, sliced jalapcnos & basil.
  • item  Glorious Noodle
    Ingredients: Wheat noodles, mushroom, tofu, soy protein in a savory broth. Served with fresh bean sprouts & basil.
  • item  Virtuous Noodle
    Ingredients: From North-Vietnam. Rice noodles, tofu, tamarind & soy protein in a tomato-based broth. Served with bcansprouts & basil
  • item  Pan-Fried Noodles
    Ingredients: Fresh stir-fried veggies, tofu, soy protein, mushroom & onion atop a crispy crush of pan-fried rice noodles.
  • item  Golden Era
    Ingredients: Yellow noodles, sea nugget, baked white rice paper, soft tofu served in special Quang Nam broth
  • item  Delighted Noodles
    Ingredients: Taro, potato, vegan ham. golden roll, roasted peanuts, rice noodles.
  • item  Bird's Nest
    Ingredients: Stir fried noodles, vegetables with tofu and mushroom sauce.
  • item  Royal Noodle
    Ingredients: From Mid-Vietnam, soy bean paste, rice noodles, mushrooms, tofu & soy protein in a spicy lemongrass broth served with bean sprouts & basil
  • item  Joyful Noodle
    Ingredients: Rice noodles, mushroom, tofu, soy protein in a savory broth. Served with fresh bean sprouts & basil.
  • item  Tom Yum Noodle
    Ingredients: Tofu, cauliflower, baby bok choy, broccoli, napa cabbage, sea nugget, vegan ham, rice noodle, home-make tangy Thai broth.
  • item  My Tho Noodle
    Ingredients: Chewy noodles, sea nugget, onion, soft tofu, soy protein served with bean sprout, scallion
  • item  Pad Thai
    Ingredients: Wheat protein, tofu, bean sprouts, peanut butter, chopped roasted peanuts & thai noodle served with cabbage and pickle.
  • item  Blissful Noodles
    Ingredients: Taro, potato, vegan ham, roasted peanuts, BBQ. chop stick, rice noodles.
  • item  Fantastic Chow Mein
    Ingredients: Stir fried yellow' noodles with vegetables.
  • item  Rainbow Noodles
    Ingredients: Chinese broccoli, soy protein, mushroom, wheat gluten, ginger, tofu, stir-fried with soft rice noodles.

  • $1.70
  • $1.70
  • $1.98
  • $1.98
  • $4.50
  • $1.98
  • $5.50
  • $3.98
  • $5.00
  • $4.50

  • item  Veggie Delight
    Ingredients: Baby bok choy, carrots, tofu, napa cabbage, broccoli, snow peas, cauliflower & stir-fried lightly with soy protein.
  • item  Lemongrass & Wheat Gluten
    Ingredients: A zesty and unique dish made with wheat gluten, lemongrass, onions, celery, snow peas & carrots in a tangy sauce.
  • item  Trust in God
    Ingredients: Wheat gluten, onion, pineapple, sesame seeds, bell peppers, cilantro, carrots, jicama
  • item  Sesame Cha Cha
    Ingredients: Wheat gluten, onions & carrots stir-fried with broccoli & topped with sesame seeds.
  • item  Curry Masala
    Ingredients: A medley of vegetables, tofu, soy protein, carrots simmered in a coconut curry sauce
  • item  Roti Delight
    Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, veggie fillet sauteed in a savory sauce.
  • item  Sweet & Sour Soup
    Ingredients: Okra, tofu, peppermint, pineapple, bean sprouts, tomato, thai basil, inside a tamarind-flavor broth.
  • item  Ocean of Love
    Ingredients: Fried soy protein wrapped in seaweed topped with a mild spicy satay sauce, served with cucumber & tomatoes.
  • item  Tofu Forever
    Ingredients: Tofu sauteed with teriyaki spicy sauce
  • item  Happy Lemongrass
    Ingredients: Soy protein, onions, snow peas, carrots, celery stir-fried in a lemongrass sauce.
  • item  Guru's Curry
    Ingredients: Soy protein, sweet potatoes, taro, carrots & yucca in a curry coconut sauce. Side order can be steam rice or french bread.
  • item  Green Beans Delight
    Ingredients: Green beans, tofu sauteed with onions
  • item  Divine Broccoli
    Ingredients: Textured vegetable protein, broccoli, onions in a spicy garlic & seasoned black bean sauce.
  • item  Mongolian Wonder
    Ingredients: Wheat protein, onions, carrots, bell peppers, jicama topped with sesame seeds.
  • item  Eggplant Tofu
    Ingredients: Sauteed tofu and eggplant topped with sesame and basil.
  • item  Ocean Claypot
    Ingredients: Cilantro, jalapeno. soy protein sauteed in a savory sauce
  • item  Szechwan Strips
    Ingredients: Broccoli, soy protein, stir-fried to a crispy golden brown served with tasty tcriyaki sauce.
  • item  The Millenium
    Ingredients: Stir-fried broccoli, mushroom & tofu.

  • item  Veggie Wrap
    Ingredients: Veggies, soy protein, tofu & bean sprouts, housed inside a mung bean crepe, served with lettuce & tangy sauce
  • item  Ocean Fillet Rolls
    Ingredients: 2 rolls. Build your own rolls! Fried soy protein, rice noodles, lettuce and rice paper.

  • item  Au Lac Banh Mi
    Ingredients: Choice of Taro Sandwich, Tofu Sandwich or Special Sandwich (taro. tofu, vegan ham) Jalapeno included.
  • item  Harmony Sandwich
    Ingredients: Bread.vegan hams, avocado, vegan cheese, sun-dried tomato, artichoke, veganaisc, roti sauce. Served with fries or sweet potatoes & ketchup.
  • item  Beyond Burger / Impossible Burger
    Ingredients: Beyond patty with home-made sauce, lettuces, vegan cheese, onion, pickle, tomato, veganaise
  • item  Champion Burger
    Ingredients: Fried soy patty, lettuces, veganaisc, avocado, tomatoes, vegan cheese, pickle, served with fries or sweet potatoes & ketchup.
  • item  Just Egg Banh Mi
    Ingredients: Bread, Just Egg, lettuces, veganaise, avocado, tomato, vegan cheese
  • item  Hawaiian Pizza (12
    Ingredients: 12 inches. Pineapple, vegan ham. pizza sauce, vegan cheese.
  • item  Sunny Pizza (12
    Ingredients: Tofu, soy protein, olives, onions, broccoli, baby bok choy, napa cabbage, pizza sauce. Daiya cheese.
  • RICE

  • item  Yang Chow Fried Rice
    Ingredients: A Yang Chow-style fried rice. Peas, diced carrots, green beans, tofu & soy protein.
  • item  Veggie Fried Rice
    Ingredients: Stir-fry rice with broccolis, peas, diced carrots, tofu & soy protein.
  • item  Masala Rice
    Ingredients: Rice stir-fried with curry powder, chili powder, cumin seeds, soy protein, tomatoes, mustard seeds, masala & turmeric powder.
  • item  Au Lac Rice
    Ingredients: Tofu patty, tomato, cucumber, pickled carrots, soy protein, wheat gluten & shredded taro. Served with tangy sauce.

  • item  Organic Antioxidant Blend
    Ingredients: Berries, cherries, pomegranate
  • item  Fresh Avocado Smoothie
  • item  Durian Smoothie
  • item  Festival Blend
    Ingredients: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry
  • item  Organic Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • item  Mango Orange Smoothie
  • item  Fresh Orange Juice
  • item  Lime Soda
    Ingredients: Club soda, lime
  • item  Thai Iced Tea
  • item  Fresh Coconut
  • item  Au Lac Iced Coffee
    Ingredients: Coconut creamer, Soy milk, coffee
  • $6.98
    Ingredients: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry
  • $1.98
    Ingredients: Choice of Jasmine Blossom Green, Lemon Ginger Decaf, Premium Green Decaf, Chamomile
  • $1.98
  • $2.98
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