Loving Hut A Global Company

Written on August 15, 2016

Loving Hut A Global Company

Loving Hut – A Name You Should Always RememberLoving Hut Growth

With over 200 shops spanning the globe, Loving Hut is not only one of the biggest chains of vegan restaurants in the world, but also one of the most versatile. You will find Loving Hut restaurants in such exotic locations as the Congo, Mongolia, and Paraguay just as you would find them in major global cities such as Sydney, New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, and Paris. In fact, it is the fastest growing vegan restaurant chain in the whole world. There is no doubt that Loving Hut is committed to its mission of bringing vegan food that is both delicious and healthy to every corner of the world.

            If you were to ask the founder and the leadership team of Loving Hut what moves them to sell vegan food rather than some other type of cuisine, they would tell you that it is a matter of love, as the very name of the chain implies. Specifically, it is compassionate toward all of the world’s living beings. Humans, animals, and the greater world can all coexist without having to be in a constant state of animosity and chaos. Vegan food is the very symbol of this peaceful coexistence in the form of cuisine. It is the most compassionate choice and the only sustainable one.

            Not only is it compassionate, but it is also healthy. With nutritious dishes made only from whatever can be given to humanity by plants, there is no need to worry about the negative components found in animal-based foods. These components are known to contribute to such global epidemics such as obesity and diabetes, among others. With the choice to eat vegan food, you might just be taking the most important step in ensuring your continued good health.

            And Loving Hut proves that this step can be taken painlessly without sacrificing on taste or selection. With dishes such as vegan burger, vegan pasta, international noodles and diverse salads, you can be sure that any type of dish you are craving can be found in vegan form. You will even find such exotic selections as falafel, a traditional Mediterranean dish which is vegan by nature. Loving Hut prides itself in delivering this great diversity of dishes all with spectacular taste.

            You can’t go wrong when so many critics sing their praises for this chain. Loving Hut has won numerous awards in a variety of countries, demonstrating how international palates can all come together and agree that Loving Hut has the taste to match its confident expansion. Loving Hut has won the VegfestUK Award in the year 2015, the 2015 Houston Award, and the Vegan of the Year Award in 2012.

            Even in a short span of time, Loving Hut has made headlines in the vegan world and it will surely continue to do so. Committed to quality, taste, and compassion, the professionalism of the business and impressive taste of the food will shine through. Loving Hut will surely become a household name in the vegan community and beyond. Check their website (https://www.lovinghut.com) and don’t hesitate to try out one of its restaurants in a major city near you.


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